Even the restaurants are bigger in Texas

“Everything is bigger in Texas.”

So they say. And hell yeah, it is! Including The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis. How big? Two and a half thousand people big. To put that in perspective, the Enchantment of the Seas holds 2,500 guests. The Oasis holds as many people as a freaking cruise ship!!!

Even the restaurants are bigger in Texas – cruise ship big

The insanity begins as you drive in – it’s like approaching a small village. Which, really, it is. There’s a shuttle from the carpark to the restaurant. Like – who catches a shuttle to the restaurant??? Err, well, okay we didn’t – we walked – but that’s because somebody *modest cough* was taking photos of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! What? Who? Me? Ahhhh – yes – don’t head to The Oasis without a fully charged camera.

Delighted to spend a spectacular evening with my friend Valerie at The Oasis Restaurant

There’s artwork and sculptures dotted on the way in, and all around the place – throughout the courtyard, and the four storeys that make up the complex. A far cry from the small  Oasis Restaurant and Cantina Del Lago opened in 1982 by Beau Theriot.

Over the next two decades, Beau built the venue into a dining experience of vastly massive proportions. This man, whose motto is “Create Reservation” certainly did that – and didn’t let a devastating fire in 2005 hold him back either.

The current restaurant that rose from the ashes is staggering. Restaurant, art gallery, live music venue, and shopping centre all rolled into one – with views that rival those along the Tuscan coast. In fact, you can be forgiven for thinking you are in Tuscany, with the  red, white, and green umbrellas nodding to the colours of the Italian flag.

You can be forgiven for thinking you’re in Tuscany, not Texas

From what I could comprehend there are two public restaurants, and another five spaces available for private functions – seating up to 500. Check them out here. We walked up and down, and around, and up and down, and around again. I wasn’t even entirely sure where we ended up, but google today enlightened me – it was the Starlight Terrace.

Amazing view, live music, yummy cocktails, and enough choices to keep someone with coeliac disease happy (take that LA and San Fran, you bastards!)

Check out the video, and if you’re ever even remotely anywhere near Austin … MAKE … THE … TRIP!

NOTE: I’m a full-time digital nomad, and a travel blogger … but I make my living as a technical writer, not from my travel blog. As such, the above is a completely unbaised and oh-my-fucking-goodness-this-just-blew-me-away review, not a paid-to-write-it review.

2 thoughts on “Even the restaurants are bigger in Texas

  1. Hilarious blog Kaz. I could hear you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanx Angie. It was truly amazing. One man’s vision.

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