Write the list – the rest will follow

For years I’ve heard motivational speakers (and my sister!) say, write the list – it will happen.

Bollocks, my logical brain said. How is simply writing something down going to make it happen? My logical brain still says it should be impossible – but I do have to admit – it’s happening.

My “50 for 50” list is a ‘living document’ – as should be any Bucket List or To Do List).

Items may change slightly, some may be delayed, and some may have to disappear altogether, as they may no longer be possible.  It’s all very well for motivational speakers to tell you “Nothing is impossible”, but some things are.

Let’s say you wrote a bucket list on New Year’s Day 2016, and one of the items was “Meet David Bowie”. On January 10, that became impossible. Any items on your list that include other people are outside your control, and may have to change,

I wrote the list – the rest is following

When I wrote my “50 for 50” list, I had NO IDEA how I was going to achieve a lot of the items on the list. Many of them were things I’d wanted to do for years, but was put off by the logistics, or the financial cost. However, turning fif-fif-not-forty-nine is a great motivator, so I finally wrote the list and trusted to the Universe to deliver. And boy, is she delivering.

N’chi Ya Nani

#41 on the (mostly) alphabetical list is Visit Shambala in Acton with Robert Florczak for a live performance of N’Chi Ya Nani.

This was the theme song to the 1981 movie ROAR, starring Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and Noel Marshall – and has been my favourite song ever since – yes – even pipping Xavier Rudd’s Spirit Bird, Nahko and Medicine for the People’s Black as Night, and Hope Medford’s Desert Sage.

Mum and I had lunch with Robert in LA in 2014 after I made contact through YouTube. I had vaguely planned to head to the US at the end of the year – but Robert won’t be in LA then. I had to get there earlier – and the next day Air New Zealand had an Auckland – Los Angeles special for $502. Bought a ticket!

When I told Robert, he said he was already scheduled to have lunch with Tippi the following week, and would ask her about it. Boom! And Tippi said yes!!

But … as I said earlier … some sighting are outside your control. When Robert’s wife was offered a job in Germany, that started before I arrived in LA, that item had to be tweaked slightly. I’m still going to Shambala – but the song won’t be a live version.

Bus Stop Band

#22 is Live gigs in Florida featuring Bus Stop Band. Knowing I’d touch down in LA August 13, I set an aim to get to Florida by about mid-October.

The next day, the announced they’re playing on the Sax and Soul at Sea cruise for 2017 from October 23 – 28. Boom boom!

But …wait …. as of July, the gig on the ship was cancelled. That was outside my control. (We’re still going on the cruise.) However … they play several gigs a week, so I can still tick that item off.

Dustin Thomas, Hope J. Medford, Nahko Bear

#18, #19, and #20 are live gig somewhere featuring Dustin Thomas, live gig somewhere featuring Hope J. Medford, and live gig somewhere featuring Nahko Bear.

Nahko is the lead for Nahko and Medicine for the People; Dustin and Chase used to be in the band, but mostly play solo now. I figured I’d have to cross the country (USA) to see all three of them.

But then …. Nahko posted about a festival he was playing at, Darkening of the Sun, in St Claire, Missouri. I checked it out – not only were all three of them doing solo gigs, Chase Makai (also from MFTP) was doing a solo gig (one after the other – CHase, Hope, Dustin, Nahko) – and then the four of them were doing a MFTP jam.

Aaaaaand … the Monday of the festival culminated with a total solar eclipse of the sun.

The Jerry Cans

#15 on the list is Attend a live gig in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada featuring The Jerry Cans. Iqaluit is 200 miles below the Arctic Circle in far north-eastern Canada. This morning I see a post from Nancy on Facebookthey’re playing in Adelaide at 8pm the night I fly over.

Panic attack! My plane doesn’t land until 8.30pm!!!! But wait – they’re playing the NEXT NIGHT as well. Bought a ticket. Boom boom boom boom!

NOTE: This will only count as half a tick – I still really want to travel to Iqaluit for a gig.

Write your own list

I have no idea how this list thing works, but since writing my list, stuff is happening – so why not give it a go? Whether you believe in the Universe, God, fate, destiny, or just insane coincidences – writing a list has certainly paid off for me this week. Try it – maybe it will work for you too.

And let me know if it does!

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    • I love reading people’s lists – it’s interesting to see how different they are. Is your list on-line? If so, feel free to share a link to it, so I (and others) can read it.

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